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(166 NM)


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Dubrovnik - 7 days (166 NM)

Day 1: Dubrovnik – Šipan (Šipanska luka); 15 NM
  • Taking off ACI marina Dubrovnik (Komolac)
  • sailing through the mouth of Rijeka Dubrovačka, under the highway bridge and heading NW
  • passing NE and E shores of islet Daksa and island Koločep Passing the strait between Koločep and Lopud
  • Heading NE towards island Šipan and alongside its SW coastline to Jakljan island
  • After passing the strait between Jakljan and Šipan heading SE into the gulf of Šipan to the port (Šipanska luka)

Šipanska luka (the port of Šipan) provides a good shelter from all winds. There are only two settlements at the island – Suđurađ and Šipanska luka which are connected by 5.2. km long road. Coves, bays and beaches of Šipan were recognized by Dubrovnik’s nobility in the early times of Dubrovnik’s Republic; for its beauty, peace and picturesque countryside. The entire island exudes tranquility and peace while there is a supermarket, bakery and several bars and taverns in Šipanska luka and Suđurađ, as well as numerous medieval mansions and churches.

Day 2: Šipan – Korčula; 35 NM
  • Taking off Šipanska luka and heading WNW towards the Mljet channel
  • Sailing NW the Mljet channel towards the E end of Korčula island
  • Swim break in one of the coves at the archipelago in front of the City of Korčula
  • Mooring at ACI Korčula (optionally at marina Lumbarda)

Korčula town refers to the cultural and tourist center of the island Korčula. Inhabited from the times of ancient Greeks and Romans Korčula achieved its peak during medieval times. Numerous bars, restaurants, taverns as well as jewelry shops and art galleries are located within city walls where traditional combat sward dance called Moreška takes place every Thursday night. Since Korčula is also known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, the visit to museum dedicated to him is inevitable.

Day 3: Korčula – Lastovo (Skrivena luka); 25 NM
  • Taking off ACI Korčula and heading E and S around the E end of the island
  • Sailing WSW towards Lastovo island
  • Swim break at Lastovnjaci archipelago on the E side of the island
  • Anchorage in Skrivena luka bay on the S coast of the island

Skrivena luka or the hidden port (literally translated from Croatian) refers to the bay on S side of island Lastovo, famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters, beautiful environment and untouched virgin natural environment. The bay offers an excellent anchorage while one of the most beautiful views at south Adriatic is offered from cape Struga, at the S part of the bay. If contacted, the lighthouse keeper’s family could provide you the unforgettable meal while the lighthouse keeper would take you fishing if you deserve it. Lastovo island along with its archipelagos on both W and an E side refer to the pearl of the Adriatic billow and is declared a Natural Park for its diversity of flora and fauna.

Day 4: Lastovo – Polače (island Mljet); 27 NM
  • Taking off Skrivena luka and sailing NE towards the NW end of island Mljet
  • Swim break in one of hidden bays and beaches around Pomena on island Mljet
  • Sailing around N coasts of the islands, through the strait between islands Mljet and Moračnik
  • Anchorage or mooring at Polače

Polače refers to the biggest and main port of Mljet National Park and is one of the most protected ports in this part of Adriatic. Diving, hiking and mountain bike trips to the Mljet National Park are available in Plače as well as the grocery store and a bakery.

Day 5: Polače - Saplunara; 26 NM
  • Taking off Polače bay and sailing E alongside the N shores of Mljet island
  • Sailing around the SE end of the island
  • Anchoring at Saplunara, the bay next door to the W from the SE ends of Mljet island.

Saplunara refers to one of the most beautiful bays of Mljet islands along with its sandy beach. The bay is well protected from all winds while its sandy bottom guarantees safe anchorage. The bay is enclosed by a thick forest of pine, exuding with calm and tranquility.

Day 6: Saplunara – Kobaš (Pelješac peninsula); 18 NM
  • Taking off Saplunara and sailing around the SE end of the island
  • Sailing towards N, between islands Olipa and Jakljan
  • After passing island Olipa sailing NNW into the bay of Ston
  • Swim break at islands Olipa or Jakljan
  • Anchorage at the bay Kobaš on the N shore of the peninsula Pelješac

Kobaš is the most adored spot at the south part of Pelješac peninsula. This small village gained popularity among yachtsmen and other adventurists for its exquisite offer of genuine food and wines. Hidden bays and coves in the Ston bay offer the unique essence of being in the natural paradise of turquoise crystal clear waters.

Day 7: Kobaš - Dubrovnik; 20 NM
  • Taking off Kobaš and sailing SE around Elafiti archipelago either alongside N or S shores
  • Swim break at Šunj beach at the SE side of Lopud island
  • Sailing towards Rijeka Dubrovačka
  • Fuel refill available at W side of Gruž port or at the ACI Dubrovnik – beware of crowd in high season.