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Kvarner - 14 days (304NM)

Day 1: Pula – Brijuni 6NM
  • Taking off ACI marina
  • Pula sailing around Uljanik peninsula and W through the gulf of Pula; beware of heavy traffic and half flooded wave breaker at the mouth of the gulf
  • passing between islands Sv. Jerolim and Kotež N off the mouth of the Gulf of Pula
  • sailing NW around the Slavulja cape (lighthouse) on the island Veli Brijun
  • Mooring at Brijuni port/marina

The port of Brijuni is equipped with moorings, electric power and fresh water. Brijuni refers to the archipelago including a group of fourteen small islands which became a holiday resort and a National Park for their scenic beauty. The sights of Brijuni range from the prehistoric dinosaur footprints, through Roman and Byzantine archeological sights, Austro-Hungarian military and leisure facilities to the residence of Yugoslav president Tito who used to welcome leading politicians, celebrities and jet setters of the 20th century. Brijuni nowadays offer different scenic and educational tours throughout the islands along with a variety of rare and autochthonous species of flora and fauna.

Day 2:  Brijuni – Unije 30NM
  • Taking off Brijuni port
  • Sailing SE towards Premantura peninsula; beware of shallow waters between the cape and Porer lighthouse SW off Premantura
  • Swim break in the coves at the E side of Premantura
  • Anchorage in one of numerous bays at the E side of Unije island

The island of Unije is the second biggest of Cres-Lošinj archipelago. Its well indented shores offer numerous bays, coves and beaches for relaxed and safe anchoring. The only settlement bears the same name as the island whose port does not provide shelter from westerly winds so E side of the island is where suggested anchorages are situated.

Day 3:  Unije – Silba 29NM
  • Taking off island Unije
  • Sailing SE towards Silba passing by the island of Mali Lošinj and Ilovik
  • Swim break on the island Ilovik at bay Pržine
  • Morring on E side of the island at harbor Mul

Island of Silba is situated in the northest part of Zadar archipelago, bearing the name "Gate of Dalmatia". Because the Silba is one of the most forested islands in Croatia, its original name Selbo comes from the Latin word "Silva" which means "forest". The only settlement on the Island is Silba with the population of around 300 citizens. Close to the harbour of Mul is a beautiful sandy beach Sutorišće. Other than sandy beaches the island has numerous coves which are reacheable by foot. In front of the harbor of Mul there are 25 buoys, the port is equipped with electricity and water connections and it has 30 moorings, but the port and buoys are not safe during the NE winds (bura). If the port is fully occupied 30 more buoys are available at the Cove of St. Anthony.

Day 4:  Silba – Veli Rat (Dugi Otok) 18NM
  • Taking off island Silba
  • Sailing S between islands Ist and Škarda then SE towards Veli Rat
  • Swim break on the island Ist
  • Morring in Marina Veli Rat

Veli Rat is the northerst point of Dugi Otok in Čuna bay. The place, as known today, dates back to the Roman era. SE of Veli Rat is located Sakarun Bay with one of most beatiful beach in Adriatic. Sakarun beach is 800m long and it is famous for its white sand and crystal clear water. Around three kilometres NW of the village stands the biggest lighthouse in Croatia, Veli Rat, also known as a Punta Bjanca. Punta Bjanca is 42 meters high, and there is even a possibility to rent a lighthouse suite. In the courtyard of the lighthouse is a chapel of St. Nicholas, known as a protector of seamen.

Marina Veli Rat is situated in the most indented part of Pantera Bay, Čuna Cove, in the NW part of Dugi Otok Island. Marina offers safe shelter in different weather conditions and it's well protected from all winds, although some swells are possible during strong NW winds. It's equipped with water and electricity and has 200 berths, the depth ranges from 3 to 4 meters.

Day 5: Veli Rat – Veli Iž  19NM
  • Taking off Veli Rat
  • Sailing SE along Dugi Otok
  • Swim break in Dumboka Bay on the island Dugi Otok
  • Mooring in Marina Benjami

Veli Iž is located on the island Iž, in the Zadar archipelago and is an a ideal place for a peaceful vacation. Veli Iž is a calm village with marina, hotel and few restaurants, but during the summer it comes to life, offering a lot of traditional customs and genuine food. The peak of the season is July 29th when people of Iž elect their king.

Marina Benjamin is well protected from all winds, have 45 berths and it is equipped with water, electricity, toilets, showers and exchange office.

Day 6: Veli IŽ – Žut 15NM
  • Taking off Veli Iž
  • Sailing SE along Dugi Otok
  • Swim break in Čuška Bay on the island Dugi Otok
  • Mooring in ACI Marina Žut

Žut is situated between the islands of Pašman and Kornat and it is the second largest island of the Kornati archipelago. There are several beautiful bays suitable for safe anchoring and swimming on this island. Interestingly, only 4 citizens inhabit the island during the non-summer period of the year, but fishermen and shepherds, olive producers and fig pickers from the island Murter occasionally stay there during that peirod.

Aci Marina Žut offers 120 berths, and it's well equipped with water and electricity, showers, toilets, restaurants and ATM machine.

Day 7: Žut – Kaprije 23NM
  • Sailing SE towards island Kaprije
  • Sailing into the strait between islands Kaprije and Kakan
  • Swim break on between SE part of Žut and Žutska Aba
  • Mooring or anchorage at Kaprije port

Kaprije is a small and mostly uninhabited island where you may expect tranquility and peace, especially in one of its virgin coves and beaches. The island allegedly got its name after capers which used to be picked in its plains. Berth in the port is equipped with moorings, electric power and fresh water and there is also a supermarket and few bars and restaurants in the village.

Day 8: Kaprije – Sali 29NM
  • Taking off Kaprije
  • Sailing NW among islets of Kornati
  • Swim break at Donji Statival bay located at NE part of Kornati
  • Mooring at the port of Sali

Sali refers to the administrative center of Dugi otok island and has become adored yachtsmen melting spot. All sailors traditionally gather at Maritimo cocktail bar while those who want to experience some of the village life would definitely be amazed by the mood of the local library which provides much more than just books. The series of parties and festivities take part during the summer within “Saljske užance”, tourist and cultural festival which promotes traditional values of the island.

Day 9: Sali – Božava 17NM
  • Taking off Sali
  • Sailing NW among island of Dugi otok
  • Swim break at Paladinica Bay on Rava island
  • Mooring at the port of Božava

Božava is a small peaceful place located on NE part of island Dugi Otok, with beautiful small bays surrounded by pine woods and crystal clear blue sea. If you want to explore the sea depths there is diving school as well, or you can sit on a tourist train and get to the famous beach Sakarun.

Port in Božava offers only 20 berths, but they are equipped with water and electricity. Port is very well protected from all winds except for strong S and SE winds.

Day 10: Božava – Olib, Slatinica bay – Olib 26NM
  • Taking off Božava
  • Sailing NE around Molat then NW
  • Swim break at Slatinica Bay at W part of island Olib
  • Mooring at the Marina Olib

Olib is a peaceful island located in the Zadar archipelago, next to the island Silba. The only settlement on the island is Olib and it has been inhabited since Roman times under the name Aloip. The island doesn't have any regular car road and it's not allowed to drive a car on the island. On the W part of Olib is Slatinica bay well known to sailors because for its good anchorage and beautiful sandy beach.

Marina is equipped with water suply and electricity, but it is open to N and NW winds.

Day 11: Olib – Osor 26NM
  • Taking off Olib
  • Sailing NW bi the E side of Mali Lošinj island
  • Swim break at beetwen islands Male Orjule and Vele Orjule
  • Mooring at the Marina Osor

Osor is a beatiful historical city located where island Lošinj almost meets island Cres. During the Roman times, while the city was called Apsorus, Cres and Lošinj were connected but because of the transit traffic needs, a canal called Kavauda was constructed which has separated the two islands. While walking through the Osor, you can feel traces of ancient history all around which is also the reason why Osor is known as a museum city. It is full of valuable historical and cultural monuments because artists of all eras left their mark there. The most important event is the festival called Osor Music Evenings. Osor is connected to Cres by bridge which is open every day at 9AM and 17Pm for half an hour for sailors passing through the Kavauda canal.

Day 12: Osor – Cres 23NM
  • Taking off Osor by Kavauda canal
  • Sailing NW , then E after passing Rt Pernat
  • Swim break at Ustrine bay
  • Anchoring or mooring at Cres

Cres town is located in the north-eastern part of a wide snug bay which served as a good shelter from storms since the ancient times. ACI marina Cres is located to the south of the town holding all services and facilities yachtsmen should need. The bay has many swim areas while the town offers well organized gastronomic and cultural experience.