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Kvarner - 7 days (178NM)

Day 1: Pula – Brijuni; 6 NM
  • Taking off ACI marina Pula
  • sailing around Uljanik peninsula and W through the gulf of Pula; beware of heavy traffic and half flooded wave breaker at the mouth of the gulf
  • passing between islands Sv. Jerolim and Kotež N off the mouth of the Gulf of Pula
  • sailing NW around the Slavulja cape (lighthouse) on the island Veli Brijun
  • Mooring at Brijuni port/marina

The port of Brijuni is equipped with moorings, electric power and fresh water. Brijuni refers to the archipelago including a group of fourteen small islands which became a holiday resort and a National Park for their scenic beauty. The sights of Brijuni range from the prehistoric dinosaur footprints, through Roman and Byzantine archeological sights, Austro-Hungarian military and leisure facilities to the residence of Yugoslav president Tito who used to welcome leading politicians, celebrities and jet setters of the 20th century. Brijuni nowadays offer different scenic and educational tours throughout the islands along with a variety of rare and autochthonous species of flora and fauna.

Day 2: Brijuni – Unije; 27 NM
  • Taking off Brijuni port
  • Sailing SE towards Premantura peninsula; beware of shallow waters between the cape and Porer lighthouse SW off Premantura
  • Swim break in the coves at the E side of Premantura
  • Anchorage in one of numerous bays at the E side of Unije island

The island of Unije is the second biggest of Cres-Lošinj archipelago. Its well indented shores offer numerous bays, coves and beaches for relaxed and safe anchoring. The only settlement bears the same name as the island which port does not provide shelter from westerly winds so E side of the island is where suggested anchorages are situated.

Day 3: Unije – Susak – Lošinj; 15 NM
  • Taking off unije and sailing S
  • Swimm break at Susak island
  • Sailing ENE towards island Lošinj
  • Anchorage in Mali Lošinj gulf or mooring at Mali Lošinj Marina

Susak refers to the small remote island with very few inhabitants since many of them emigrated to the USA after World War II and due to its position in the billows of the North Adriatic. It became popular tourist destination in the late 20th century due to its interesting traditions and spectacular sandy beaches. After a swim break and the tour throughout the island take off and sail towards the closest island Lošinj. It is about a very well indented island stretching in the direction from NW to SE of the W side of Kvarner archipelago. It offers numerous coves, bays and beaches providing exciting scenery as well as a wide range of anchoring options. Mali Lošinj refers to the center of the island along with its rich maritime tradition, historical and cultural heritage, tourist offer and well equipped marina.

Day 4: Lošinj - Rab; 28 NM
  • Taking off the bay of Mali Lošinj and sailing SE along the coast of the island
  • Passing the island Ilovik and Orjule with a possibility of a swim break
  • Heading NE and landing at Rab town on the island Rab

Small island Ilovik situated on the SE end of island Lošinj may be used as a swim break destination. The port of Ilovik refers to well protected harbor in case of gusts or the storm. The port of Rab and the bay next door provide a good and safe anchoring while there is well equipped ACI marina in Rab port. The town is extremely rich with its historic and cultural heritage while summer festival tries to reminiscent the medieval times. Gastronomic offer is also not to be neglected.

Day 5: Rab - Krk; 36 NM
  • Taking off Rab town and sailing W and NW around the island
  • Heading NNW towards island Krk
  • Swim break in S of the island, around Punat (optional stay overnight)
  • Anchorage or mooring at Krk town

First stop after taking off Rab could be Punat. It is about shallow bay and the marina and shipyard in the town Punat. Island Košljun in the middle of the bay refers to the Franciscan monastery, museum and archeological and cultural historical sites. Krk town refers to one of the oldest inhabited settlements and the ancient center of Krk island, the biggest island at the Adriatic. Apart of the rich historical heritage Krk provides a variety of taverns and bars. Moorings are available in the front part of the harbor while some 30 buoys are available in the port as well as in the Portapizana bay E off the port.

Day 6: Krk – Cres; 28 NM
  • Taking off Krk town WSW towards the N cape of Cres island
  • When passing the strait between Creas and the mainland beware of heavy ships traffic
  • Sailing SE towards Cres town
  • Anchoring or mooring at Cres

Cres town is located in the north-eastern part of a wide snug bay which from ancient times served as a good shelter from storms. ACI marina Cres with all services and facilities yachtsmen should need is located to the south of the town. The bay has many swim areas while the town offers well organized gastronomic and cultural experience.

Day 7: Cres - Pula; 38 NM
  • Taking off Cres town and heading W towards the Istra mainland
  • After passing cape Pernat of Cres island heading SW towards S end of Premantura peninsula
  • After passing Premantura take NW direction alongside the mainland towards Pula
  • Fuel available in Pula port, nearby the marina.