7 days Šibenik
(122 NM)


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Šibenik - 7 days Šibenik (122 NM)

Day 1: Šibenik – Skradin; 10 NM
  • Taking off marina Mandalina and sailing the canal of Šibenik and the canyon of River Krka into the mainland
  • Passing Prukljan lake
  • Mooring in Skradin, at the ACI marina or at the waterfront

Depending on the terms of your charter company and supposing that you will get onboard in the afternoon it is suggested to spend the rest of the day in relaxed but also exciting trip into the mainland. Skradin offers moorings at the Marina or at the waterfront where electric power and fresh water are also available. Small town is also famous for its variety of traditional food offer as well as fine local wines. Next morning should be reserved for the visit to Krka National Park just few kilometers away from the city center. Park could be reached by tourist ferry from the port of by rented bicycles from the city center. Thousands of tourists are amazed by stunning scenery of divine waterfalls, flora and fauna of the Krka National Park.

Day 2: Skradin – Kaprije; 22 NM
  • Taking off Skradin and sailing through the canyon of river Krka and its mouth to the open sea
  • Sailing WSW between islands Prvić and Zlarin and passing N end of island Zmajan
  • Heading WNW towards island Kaprije, passing its NW end and heading SE
  • Mooring or anchoring at Kaprije port

Swim break could be taken at the coves of island Zmajan or Kakan on your way to Kaprije. This small island with well indented coast is appreciated by those who like tranquility and peace. The island allegedly got its name after capers that use to be picked in its plains. Berth in the port is equipped with moorings, electric power and fresh water while there is a supermarket and few bars and restaurants in the village.

Day 3: Kaprije – Piškera (Kornati); 18 NM
  • Taking off Kaprije and sailing NW between islands Kaprije and Kakan
  • Sailing W to the SE end of Kornati archipelago
  • Swim break in one of the coves of south-eastern islets of Kornati archipelago

The leg of day 3 is rather short but offers a lot to see while sailing the labyrinth of islets at SE part of Kornati archipelago. Kornati National Park consists of some 100 islets and rocks lying across S slopes of island Kornat, making this area one of the most visited and adored sailing areas at the Adriatic. ACI marina Piškera is situated in between islets Panitula and Piškera, in the middle of Kornati National Park, facing open sea at the W. Fresh water and electric power are provided between 6 and 10 AM and 6 and 12 PM. Some supplies are available at the supermarket, but do not expect too much.

Day 4: Piškera (Kornati) – Sali (island Dugi otok); 16 NM
  • Taking off Piškera and sailing NW among islets of Kornati
  • Swim break and suggested stop in the bay Mir at Telašćica Natural Park
  • Sailing through Mala Proversa strait
  • Heading NW alongside the N shores of island Dugi otok
  • Mooring at the port of Sali

Sailing the islets of Kornati National Park and enjoying the beauties of Telašćica Natural Park always brings special feeling of being in the very heart of the untouched nature. Spectacular scenery spreads all over the eyesight while turquoise crystal clear waters call for swimming and snorkeling. Sali refers to the administrative center of Dugi otok island and has become adored yachtsmen melting spot. All sailors traditionally gather at Maritimo cocktail bar while those who want to experience some of the village life would definitely be amazed by the mood of local library which provides much more than just books. The series of parties and festivities take part during the summer within “Saljske užance”, tourist and cultural festival which promotes traditional values of the island.

Day 5: Sali – Murter; 21 NM
  • Taking off Sali and sailing ESE passing island Žut and its islets
  • Passing SE end of island Pašman and islet Gangaro
  • Heading E towards Murter town
  • Attention to the shallow waters at the approach to the town Murter
  • Mooring at Marina Hramina in Murter

Swim break could be taken in one of the coves of Žut island or at the SE end of island Pašman. Approach to the town Murter and Marina Hramina requires extra care and the route around N sides of islets Žinjak and Tegina. Marina Hramina is well organized and provides electric power, fresh water and public facilities while pretty alive evening and night life could be experienced in the town Murter as well as the exquisite sea food offer.

Day 6: Murter – Žirje; 20 NM
  • Taking off Murter and sailing NE and passing islet Tetovišnjak
  • Sailing alongside N shores of island Žirje
  • Passing the SE cape of the island and heading WNW
  • Anchoring at Vela Stupica bay

Žirje refers to another pearl of Šibenik archipelago. It is rarely inhabited but its beautiful nature amazes numerous tourists and yachtsmen who like to enjoy tranquility and peace. Swim break could be taken in one of many virgin coves alongside the shore of the island while Stupica Vela provides good shelter from all winds except south easterly ones.

  • Taking off Žirje and sailing NNE towards island Zmajan
  • Swim break in Tijašćica bay, island Tijat
  • Heading W and sailing through the canal of Šibenik back to the base

Depending on terms of charter you may stay at Tijašćica overnight and have a party at Neno’s hut on the N side of the bay. If you get up early in the morning you would be able to get back to the base early enough for check-out. Fuel refill is available at Lukoil gas station just across Marina Mandalina. The gas station is open round the clock.