7 days Zadar
(140 NM)


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Zadar - 7 days Zadar (140 NM)

Day 1: Zadar – Veli Iž; 20 NM
  • Taking off Zadar and sailing NW and around island Ugljan
  • Passing the strait between islands Rivanj and Ugljan
  • Heading Sand SE to island Iž
  • Mooring at marina in Iž Veli or anchoring at the bays next door

Very well organized marina at Veli Iž provides moorings, electric power and fresh water along with public facilities. Small village Veli Iž is pretty alive during the summer, offering loads of traditional customs and genuine food. The peak of the season is July 29th when people of Iž elect their king.

Day 2: Veli Iž - Piškera; 24 NM
  • Taking off Veli Iž and sailing SE between islands Dugi otok and Lavdara
  • Heading WSW and passing Mala Proversa passage
  • Swim break at one of coves in Telašćica Natural Park
  • Sailing SE between islets of Kornati National Park archipelago
  • Mooring at ACI marina Piškera at Piškera island

This day you are about to visit two natural reserves – Natural Park Telašćica and Kornati National Park. Both sites are highly protected natural reserves due to their natural beauties and the diversity of flora and fauna. Make sure that you catch the view to the steep slopes and cliffs on W side of the islets you are about to pass by. Numerous islets hide virgin and deserted beaches and coves mostly suitable for safe anchoring and swim breaks. ACI marina Piškera is the only marina in Kornati Nationa Park where you could count on mooring, a fine restaurant while electric power and fresh water are only available between 6 and 10 PM and 6 and 10 AM. A pleasant marina offers breathtaking sunset over the Adriatic billow. Tickets to Telašćica Natural Park and Kornati National Park are available at the rangers who patrol through anchorages within protected areas as well as at the reception of marina Piškera.

Day 3: Piškera – Zlarin; 23 NM
  • Taking off Piškera and sailing SE through the canal between island Kornat and islets of its archipelago
  • Sailing ESE towards islands Kakan and Kaprije
  • Swim break at one of the coves between these two islands
  • Mooring or anchoring at Zlarin

Zlarin is the biggest island within Šibenik archipelago while its only inhabited village bears the same name as the entire island. Moorings, electric power and fresh water are available at the port while anchorage is possible in the same bay. B