How to book
Booking steps

How to book

There are various types of boats that it may seem like a difficult choice to choose the right one. Answering the question "What boat is right for me?" starts with a look at our boat database, which will assist you in narrowing down choices based on what kind of operations you like ; how many persons you are taking ; the size of the ships you are interested in ; the sort of transport you prefer ; whether or not you want a sailable ship and much more. Of course, much of what makes a ship suitable for you and your family depends on how will you use it. Keep in mind that some ships are more specific than others, and may be ideal for one operation, but completely unsuitable for another.


Sailboat on a water with hills in the background

Sailboat Charter

With a new sailboat, become one with the

sea and harness the wind. 

Catamaran sailing on a deep blue water

Catamaran Charter

Very secure and stable

to sail quickly  

Two gullets sailing on a water with hills in the background

Gullet Charter

Use the motor power and sails to travel,

rented solely with a crew.  

Close up of motorboat sailing among the waves

Motorboat Charter

For lovers of

speed sailing 


Charter the boat

After choosing your perfect boat, it’s time to book one! If the boat is available there are two possibilities: you can proceed by clicking on “Book Now” button situated under every listing. This option gives your couple of days to plan your trip and decide whether you want to proceed with booking or not. The vessel is considered booked as soon as you pay the first installment, 50% of the total price, or the whole charter fee for bookings within 30 days before the departure.