Payment options
How to pay

Payment options

How to Pay

To be able to book with us, you must meet out payment terms: a) 50% of the total charter fee is to be paid at the time of booking by the due date stated on the invoice. This constitutes a confirmed booking. All reservations are subject to cancellation if payments are not received by the due date, the Charter fee does not include any additional costs b) 50% of the total fee is to be paid no later than 35 days before the scheduled date. Payment must be received by the due date indicated on the invoice.

Bank Transfer

The preferred payment method is directly through bank transfer what we reccomend. It is very quick and completely safe.

Credit Cards

If you decide for a credit card payment, please let us know, and we will send you a secure payment link, where you will be able to write down all the nedded info. You will be forwarded to a secure payment gateway where you will execute the payment. Please note, payments by credit cards are more expensive due to high credit card fees and will be raised by 5.5% on the offered/quoted price.